Social Machines: How This Company is Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Social Intelligence

imageCan machines do a better job than humans at protecting an organization’s network? Enterasys Networks (a Siemens Company) seems to think it’s a smart idea worth pursuing. They’ve created a  solution called ISAAC that is using social media and mobile apps to protect their customers’ networks. But this solution involves more machine driven intelligence than human intelligence to generate, process and share information.
“So what if I could get a secure message from my network infrastructure delivered to me on Twitter, Facebook or Chatter and my local native language – because if I’m in Germany I’m tweeting in German and Facebooking in German,” said Vala Afshar, Enterasys’s Chief Customer Officer, “and what if all that information was delivered to me automatically based on a set of parameters that the machines recognizes without any human input?”    Forbes